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‘Everyone here is so anxious and nervous, kind of damped down all the time. It’s as if this school’s sucked all the fun out of them. Well, it’d better not try and do the same to me.’ Soon Louis is in massive trouble at school – and at home ...

‘A great book. I like the storyline and the plot. I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading funny books.’     
Guy Pender, Amazon

‘In 12 year old Louis, Pete Johnson has created a boy who makes you laugh out loud.’
Sunday Times

‘This book is really comic and made me laugh for ages. All ages and all comedy lovers will find ‘HOW TO TRAIN YOUR PARENTS’ addictive.’
Five Stars, Amazon review

‘A great read, so I would recommend it to everyone. Really funny.’
Good Reads

‘It should be compulsory reading for parents as well as children.’
The Bookseller

‘Written with humour and plenty of attitude. This witty book firmly puts the power in the hands of the children.’       

‘Children who read it will chortle away, feel better about themselves and have lots of jokes to tell.’   
Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times

(In answer to a number of questions, the superb covers for ‘HOW TO TRAIN YOUR PARENTS’ and ‘MY PARENTS ARE OUT OF CONTROL’ are designed by NIKALAS CATLOW)

How to Train Your Parents
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How to Train Your Parents, by Pete Johnson

Moving to a new area, Louis is horrified to discover his parents becoming ultra-competitive, wanting him and his younger brother to get straight As at school and join all sorts of after-school clubs like the other kids. Then Louis meets Maddy, who claims to have trained her parents to ignore her.

Louis can't handle it any more. His new school is Swotsville and his mum and dad have fallen into some very bad ways. All they seem to care about now is how well he's doing at school (answer: not well) and what after-school clubs he wants to join (answer: none!). They're no longer interested in his jokes (his dream is to be a comedian) and have even nicked the telly out of his bedroom! What's going on? And can new friend Maddy help? For Maddy tells him her parents used to behave equally badly until she trained them. All parents have to be trained - and she knows a foolproof way...

Corgi Children's Books | 119-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440864399
ISBN-13: 978-0440864394

"Pete Johnson has an amazing ability to portray resolutely individual characters, and his story takes a revealing sideways look at over-ambitious and pushy parents. (Your own parents could probably learn something from this book, too."
The Ultimate Book Guide

"The story behind How to Train Your Parents? I go to schools and libraries to talk to children about being a writer. I noticed they were talking about the extra pressure their parents have put on them now. Not just school work: parents organise their leisure time as well. One boy said to me that he was suffering from parent fatigue, which I thought was a nice phrase. That got me thinking, you can have too much pressure."
Pete Johnson, Funday Times interview

"Written with humour and plenty of attitude, this witty book firmly puts the power in the hands of the children, with some pertinent and knowing truths that parents may prefer not to acknowledge."

"The way in which he [Louis] tries to manipulate things in order to do what he wants without hurting his parents is outrageous but touching - a delicate balance well delivered."
Scottish Sunday Herald

"I think How to Train Your Parents is the best book I have ever read."
Edward, North Yorkshire


Around the world with "How to Train Your Parents"

Pete's most translated title will soon have been published in 30 countries. Here are
a few other editions:

In FRANCE: ‘Comment eduquer ses parents’
(Folio Junior/Gallimard Jeunesse)
It has proved
so popular . . . there have been readings in French
theatres from it.

In GERMANY: it is called ‘Buhne frei fur Louis’ (Ars
with a merry cover.

In POLAND: it is ‘Anne Baba Egitme Kilavuzu’
(Buyulu  Fener)

In JAPAN - the book has also been a bestseller
where it looks like this … (Publisher Bunken

In GREECE: the cover is very similar to ours, published

Which cover do you like best?


How to Train Your Parents
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An extract from How to Train Your Parents

Louis has started at a new school, which he hates. Now he has been sent to the scary Headmaster, who he nicknamed Spitty . . .

         Spitty kept me waiting half the morning. Not that I cared. It was only lessons I was missing. Nothing important. And when I was finally admitted he was having his elevenses. He sat there chewing a slice of cake and eyeballing me in silence. Finally he hoisted his mighty buttocks out of the chair, put his face right up to mine, let loose that killer breath and uttered something I couldn’t quite catch. I nearly said. ‘Spray it again.’ Just stopped myself. Instead, I asked in my politest voice, ‘What was that?’

         He moved his face even closer to mine. And just as he started talking a bit of cake flew out of his mouth and straight into mine, landing on my tongue!

         I wasn’t at all sure what to do with it. I did think of somehow spitting it out … but in the end I swallowed it. Actually, all things considered, it didn’t taste too bad. And I was feeling a bit peckish, as it happens.