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Eyes of the Alien
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Eyes of the Alien, by Pete Johnson

Sam and Freddie, both fostered with the same family, are best friends. Sam even laughs at Freddie’s jokes! But after Sam has an accident and knocks herself unconscious, she begins to have weird nightmares about a sinister figure with huge eyes - alien eyes. Freddie, who thinks he knows everything there is to know about extra-terrestrials, jokes that aliens must be after Sam - trying to contact her. But it’s just his imagination, isn’t it? Until they see the spaceship . . .

'Very readable with a skilful plot.’ The Observer

‘A superb tale, expertly told by an author who never fails to deliver stories that go beyond the supernatural and into the true heart and soul of what it’s like to be a child today … this title cannot be recommend highly enough.' Jonathan Weir, Amazon   

Corgi Children's Books | 144-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440863902
ISBN-13: 978-0440863908

An extract from Eyes of the Alien . . .

         Way up in the sky I spotted this really bright star. I didn’t think I’d ever seen a star glow and shine like this one.

         ‘Look at that,’ I cried.

         But Sam was already looking at it

         Just fooling about I shouted out to the star. ‘Hey, you’re really skilful. Come a bit nearer.’

         That’s when it began to move.

         ‘It’s heard me,’ I cried jokingly. Actually I just thought it was a falling star. But it was hurtling in our direction at the most tremendous speed. And all the time it was getting brighter and brighter.

         ‘It’s not a star at all, is it?’ cried Sam. ‘It’s too big. So what is it?’

         ‘It’s a spaceship full of aliens.’

         We both laughed nervously. Then, very suddenly it stopped. It was as if it had an invisible barrier. And it just hung there in the air, suspended right above the trees.

         ‘You know what it is, don’t you?’ I cried. ‘It’s got to be a U.F.O.’