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The Frighteners
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The Frighteners, by Pete Johnson

"On the back of the picture were two words which jumped right out at me: THE FRIGHTENERS . . ."

When Chloe starts at a new school, she gets off to a really bad start and no-one wants to be her friend – except Aidan. But everyone else seems scared of Aidan – scared of the pictures he draws. Chloe can’t imagine why until she picks up one of his drawings of ‘The Frighteners’. For now the Frighteners – horrifying monstrous creatures – won’t leave her alone . . .

Corgi Children's Books | 160-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440864372
ISBN-13: 978-0440864370

"Pete Johnson is a master storyteller of hair-raising ghost stories, and he captures the moods and concerns of teenagers perfectly. Readers will live the experience, feel the shocks and scares, but ultimately they will also learn about themselves and their world."
The Bookseller