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Print this page and begin the quiz! It starts off fairly easily but then gets tougher. Once, you've completed it, look at the bottom for the correct answers and check your score. Good Luck!

1. Complete the following Pete Johnson titles:
(Score 1 mark for each correct answer)

My Friend's A …

A) Wally
B) Werewolf
C) Arriving tonight

The Phantom …

A) Ice Cream Eater
B) Runner
C) Thief

Ten Hours to …

A) Live
B) Dance
C) Find a Fortune

Eyes of The ….

A) Gunman
B) Alien
C) Mad Granny

Rescuing …

A) Dad
B) Mum
C) My pet Budgie

The Cool …

A) Dude
B) Rock Star
C) Boffin

2. What are the names of the two main characters in 'Trust me, I'm A Troublemaker?'

A) Paul and Stacey
B) Archie and Miranda
C) Lucy and Bill

3. In 'Pirate Brother,' who jumps out of a book for one day?

A) Brave Bill
B) Dangerous Dan
C) Deadly David

4. In 'Diary of an (Un)teenager,' what does the main character dread?

A) Getting a diary as a present
B) Turning into a teenager
C) Having to meet all his boring relations

5. In 'How to Train Your Parents,' Louis learns the secret rules of parent-training. But how many rules are there?

A) Four
B) Seven
C) Eleven

6. In 'Help, I'm A Classroom Gambler,' what does Harvey think he's discovered?

A) An amazing new recipe for toffee
B) The way to stop school ever being boring again
C) How to stop sisters bossing you about

7. In 'The Ghost Dog,' how do you make the ghost dog appear in your dreams?

A) Go to the old church-yard and move a stone at midnight
B) Say the words 'Ghost Dog' three times aloud
C) Turn around in your back garden at midnight and say: 'Hey Ghost Dog, where are you?'

8. How does 'The Ex-Files' begin?

A) With Bella running away
B) With Bella tearing up her best friend's dress
C) With Danny asking a girl out

9. In 'Faking It,' what is the name of Will's fake girlfriend?

A) Harriet
B) Hannah
C) Valerie

10. PRIZES (Score one point for each correct answer)

Which of Pete Johnson's books won The Sheffield Book Award (Best shorter novel of the Year) in 2005?

A) Traitor
B) Faking It
C) Avenger

Which of Pete Johnson's books won The Calderdale Children's Book of the Year Award 2006?

A) Trust me, I'm A Troublemaker
B) How to Train Your Parents
C) The Creeper

And which of Pete Johnson's Books won Two Prizes (The Young Telegraph Book of the Year and The Stockton Book of the Year) in one year?

A) The Ghost Dog
B) My Friend's a Werewolf
C) The Cool Boffin

And two tougher questions to finish – score 2 points each for these

11. In 'The Hero Game' what is the name of the man who claims Charlie's granddad was a Blackshirt?

A) Mr Sutherland
B) Mr Pleasance
C) Mr Perkins

12. What is the name of the author who Pete wrote to when he was eight years old – and inspired him to become a writer?

A) Enid Blyton
B) Dodie Smith
C) Roald Dahl

Now it's time to check your score. Here are the answers, followed by an assessment of how you've done.

Question I
My Friend's a Werewolf  
The Phantom Thief
Ten Hours to Live
Eyes of the Alien
Rescuing Dad
The Cool Boffin

Question 2                  b)

Question 3                  a)

Question 4                  b)

Question 5                  a)

Question 6                  b)

Question 7                  a)

Question 8                  b)

Question 9                  b)

Question 10                Sheffield Award: c) Avenger

                                    Calderdale Prize: a) Trust Me, I'm A Troublemaker

                                    Two prizes in one year: a) The Ghost Dog

Question 11                 c)

Question 12                 b)


Question 1)               Score up to 6 points
Questions 2 - 9         1 point each
Question 10              up to 3 points
Questions 11) 12)     2 points each
GRAND TOTAL:          21

How well did you do?

Under 10: 
Help! You need - URGENTLY - to read some more Pete Johnson books: START NOW!

Quite good. But maybe pop along to your local library and read a few extra Pete Johnson stories.

Very impressive! Well done. You are a real Pete Johnson fan.

Congratulations: You know more about Pete Johnson's books than he does. What a star!