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The Vampire Bewitched

Marcus, Tallulah and Gracie are back in the final, fast-paced, funny and frightening story in the award-winning Vampire Series.

Marcus isn’t an ordinary 13 year old. He has an amazing secret; he’s a half vampire with incredible special powers. Together with his friends, Tallulah and Gracie, he hunts and fights humans’ most terrifying enemy … the deadly vampires.

But something very strange has happened to Marcus. He’s lost some of his memory and can’t remember anything about his previous life as a vampire hunter. But is his amnesia suspicious and sinister? That’s what Tallulah thinks. And does it have something to do with the weird, new horror shop that has just opened . . .

The Vampire Bewitched has just the right touch to send a shiver down the spine and is perfectly judged for children … It’s funny with plenty of adventure and suspense.’

Corgi Yearling Books  |  272-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440870143
ISBN-13: 978-0440870142

Pete gives you the low-down . . .

I really thought ‘THE VAMPIRE FIGHTERS’ would be my last Vampire book, bringing the whole story to a highly, dramatic ending. But I received so many letters and emails wanting to read more about Marcus, Tallulah and Gracie. Could I write a final book about them? Then, right out of the blue I had an idea which turned the whole Vampire series on its head.

The first three books, as you probably know, are narrated by Marcus. This one, though, is mainly told by Tallulah.


The reason is incredibly dramatic. Marcus has had a mysterious accident, resulting in him forgetting everything about his life as a half-vampire – and incidentally, all about Tallulah and Gracie too.

But was the accident intentional? Remember how Marcus and Tallulah defeated the deadliest of all vampires?
What if that vampire is back and wanting Marcus out of action for a highly, sinister reason?

Only Tallulah can find out the truth.

Yes, there is humour in the book, but I should tell you, dear readers, (warn you even!) this is the darkest and spookiest of all my vampire books and brings the whole story to a most dramatic conclusion.

I’d love to tell you more and I will, soon. In fact, very soon –  in February  – you can read the opening to ‘The Vampire Bewitched,’ exclusively on this website.

I can’t wait to find out what you think of ‘THE VAMPIRE BEWITCHED.


Now, read the opening chapter of The Vampire Bewitched

         Prologue . . .

         Someone is about to disappear.
         By the time you read this I will have vanished. You might see my body roaming about, might even believe it’s me, but it won’t be. After tonight, the Me who’s writing this to you just won’t exist anymore
         I am under a slow-acting, but deadly spell. And there’s nothing I can do to stop it. I am totally trapped.
         All evening everyone’s been expecting me to get hysterical and to burst into tears. But I don’t do crying. Not even now. And it isn’t because I’m the least bit brave, but because all my tears are frozen inside me. I’m still numb with shock and terror. That is my only protection from the horror about to envelop me.
         As I write this, it’s pitch dark outside – long after midnight. I am in a bedroom I’ve never slept in before and can’t make too much noise, in case I wake up the person sleeping in the other bed.
         I suppose I could go downstairs. But I’d just have people pretending to be cheerful – or looking at me so pityingly.
         Yet, sleep is miles away. And I have to do something. So I’ve decided I shall tell you my incredible story. That way at least a little part of me will go on existing.
         Firstly though, I have such an important warning for you. Once it was fine to keep your head in the sand and pretend vampires didn’t exist. For until recently vampires stayed away from humans. In real life, you see, they don’t even like human blood. It’s far too sour for them. They actually live off animal blood instead.
         But now – and please listen carefully to what I’m telling you – there is a new sect, known as the deadly vampires. They have discovered, that however repulsive they find the taste of human blood, if drunk in large enough quantities, it can give them undreamt of new powers – while totally draining humans of their strength and energy, of course.
         They are the most dangerous vampires in the whole world, and believe their days in the shadows are over. They want to bring back the vampire glory days. And the first demonstration of their amazing new powers took place here in Great Walden – the village where I live – just a few months ago.

         So who am I? I should have told you sooner. Sorry, but my head is all over the place tonight. I’m Tallulah. I’m thirteen years old and I’m a bit of a weirdo. Ask anyone. And I don’t care. Well, who wants t be ordinary? Not me. By the way, I’m also a total loner. For most of my life I’ve never had a single friend.
         But I didn’t need friends. Instead, I lived in a dream world of books and comics and films, all about one thing: the wildest and most twisted outsiders of all – vampires. Before I knew they were real, I was obsessed with them. And I had an open mind about something, which most humans will never even consider, namely the possibility of another world existing apart from the obvious, totally tedious one around us. Kind of ironic now, I suppose.
         I’d always had the strangest feeling that there was another reality – and vampires were a massive part of it. But even I never expected the insanely dull village where I live to become a war zone.
         Pitched on one side were the deadly vampires. On the other were just three people …