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Trust Me, I'm a Troublemaker
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Trust Me, I'm a Troublemaker, by Pete Johnson

Archie is a very mature child - some would say far too mature! Having grown up with his gran, he seems to have acquired some adult ways - and the kids at his new school find them unbearable. Especially Miranda - the class troublemaker. At first she absolutely can't stand Archie but then she starts to see him as a bit of a project- could she really make Archie into a Troublemaker Extraordinaire? Their unlikely friendship really gets going when Archie needs help to scare off his dad's new girlfriend . . .

Corgi Children's Books | 169-page paperback
ISBN-10: 044086626X
ISBN-13: 978-0440866268

Winner of the Calderdale Children's Book of the Year Award 2006
Shortlisted for the Solihull Book Award 2006
Shortlisted for the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award 2007

"Full of comedy, this book has a light touch that can be so difficult to achieve."
Teaching & Learning

"Very accessible novel which could be used as the basis for a variety of discussions about one-parent families, establishing relationships with other children and appropriate behaviour at school."
Write Away

"Pete Johnson's characters do the things their readers are doing . . . a window on the world of young people."
Time Out

"Pete Johnson, one of our best contemporary humourists, has created a first-person voice that sums Archie up must better than the information that he walks around with an umbrella, newspaper and scarf . . . . at the end of the book the confrontation makes for high-powered fiction."
Times Education Supplement

"There are characters that every child will recognise and every adult should try to understand."
The Observer

"This is a cleverly crafted fast-flowing comedy and the more subtle lessons in growing up and trying to change people won't be lost either."
Gill Roberts, Carousel

"This is a lovely, funny book which explores the idea of misfits and labelling people in a wonderfully entertaining way."
Sophie Smiley, School Librarian magazine