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The Protectors
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The Protectors, by Pete Johnson

Josh and Andy sign up to become Anti-bullying Counsellors because they see it as a chance to skive. But, when they discover that younger pupils are being terrorised by a gang, they are determined to help the victims.

They form 'The Protectors', a band of non-violent vigilantes determined to bring justice to the school. Josh and Andy break up the bullying gang but this gives them a taste of power. Slowly, insidiously, the protectors themselves become the abusers.

Puffin Books | 208-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0141314214
ISBN-13: 978-0141314211

"A tautly written thriller about the use of power."
Books for Keeps

"An effective and gripping read."

"We've finished The Protectors this week. I really liked this book and I think the topic is very interesting. We had a lot of material to discuss and fight about!"
Andrea, Switzerland