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My Friend's a Werewolf (E-Book)

My Friend's a Werewolf is one of Pete’s most talked about spooky tales. Although it is eerie and mysterious, it is also a fascinating examination of how we treat people who are different – in this case, Simon, who has very hairy hands and may or may not be a werewolf. Can the friendship between Kelly and Simon transcend the prejudice and ignorance around them?

And when Simon insists werewolves aren’t dangerous – can Kelly really believe him?

‘Frighteningly good.’ Jonathan Weir, Amazon

‘A really compelling tale.’ Carousel

Satisfyingly spooky.' The Book Trust

‘As well as being entertaining, the topic of friendship, trust and being an outcast will make entertaining debates – or starting points for lessons.' Cindy Shanks, Helium reviews

My Friend's a Werewolf is available in book form in PHANTOM FEAR (along with Phantom Fear), alone as an e-book and as an unabridged audio from AudioGo.

RHCB Digital
ISBN: 9781448120178

E-Book available from the following sites: Amazon, Overdrive, Waterstone's, Kobo, iBooks.