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Invisible Brother
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Invisible Brother, by Pete Johnson

Jamie is sick of his little brother Harry showing off all the time. If only Harry would disappear! But then Harry makes a wish on Jamie’s amazing magic cloak and hey presto he’s invisible! Now it’s up to Jamie to turn him back . . .

Catnip Publishing | ISBN: 9781846471018 | 128-page paperback

"As well as being an entertaining book to read aloud, this book would prove to be a popular choice for a class or school library . . . During Literacy Hour, the story provides a structure and a theme, which children could use for a model in their own writing - eg, writing the next adventure for Jamie and the magic cape."
English Four to Eleven Magazine

An exclusive extract from Invisible Brother

It’s Reema’s birthday, and Aunt Nora has prepared some special food. But Harry isn’t there. Instead, he has ‘borrowed’ Jamie’s magic cape. Jamie is furious and waits impatiently for Harry to return. Now read on …

         We’d left Harry just one pot of jelly, one sandwich and one crisp, but no cake. People who steal magic capes don’t deserve cake.

         ‘I wonder where he is. I shall have something to say to him when he does turn up.’ Aunt Nora carried on. Then she suddenly smiled. ‘But it’s lovely to see you all again.’

         Aunt Nora was rather absent minded but I was very pleased to see her too.

         Suddenly we heard this very loud cough outside the front door. It made us all jump. Then there came a second, even louder cough.

         ‘Whoever is doing that?’ cried Aunt Nora. She rushed to the front door with me and Reema following her.

         We were right by the door when whoever it was coughed again. We all looked at each other. Why hadn’t they rung the bell?

         Aunt Norah shrugged and opened the door. ‘Hello, can I – oh.’

         She looked around for a bit then shut the door.

         ‘Someone playing a silly joke,’ said Aunt Nora. ‘Well, I’ll be in the garden for a few minutes if anyone needs me.’

         Aunt Nora loves our garden. Although she says we should get a garden gnome. I could never look a garden gnome in the face again.*

         Reema and I went inside and sat down again. ‘That cough was so spooky,’ she said.

         I agreed.

         And then we heard that cough again. Only this time it was in the room with us – right next to Reema!

         Reema clutched my arm

         ‘Who’s there?’ we cried together.

         ‘Don’t be alarmed, it’s only me,’ hissed a voice I recognised instantly.

         ‘Harry,’ I cried. ‘Where are you hiding?

         I leapt up and opened the nearest cupboard, then peeked under the table ready to drag Harry out of his stupid hiding place.

         ‘I’m not hiding anywhere,’ he said. ‘I’m standing right beside you.’ Then he added. ‘But I’m afraid there’s been a little accident.’

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