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Diary of an (Un)Teenager
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Diary of an (Un)Teenager
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Diary of an (Un)Teenager, by Pete Johnson

Spencer's mate Zac has decided he wants to be a real teenager and Spencer is disgusted. He's not interested in girls, skateboards or huge trainers! A hilarious and insightful story for teen boys aimed at reluctant readers.

Barrington Stoke | 68-page paperback
ISBN-10: 1842991515
ISBN-13: 978-1842991510

A hilarious comedy by the "devastatingly funny Pete Johnson".
The Sunday Times

"Growing up is a very difficult subject to write about without sounding patronising, but the tone here is spot on. In his opening note, Pete Johnson describes how he has read drafts to teenagers, and as with all Barrington Stoke books, children have reviewed and commented on the manuscript before publication. This has resulted in a subtle tone that shows respect for its characters and readers and a language level that would be accessible for children with a reading age lower than their interest level."
Write Away!

"Presented in the form of a diary, this is a very amusing look at that slightly uncomfortable transitional phase between childhood and adolescence. . . . A compelling read!"

Pete Johnson writes:
"I had great fun researching Spencer. I went into schools and chatted with pupils about what they liked about being a teenager. And what they most hated. Then I read parts of the story aloud to them. I was so nervous about doing that. In fact, my throat felt very dry. But I wanted the story to feel as real as possible, so teenagers' comments were extremely important. I also wanted it to make you laugh. So here's hoping . . ."


I really just want to express my delight at how ‘The Diary of an (Un)Teenager’ never fails to capture the imagination of even the most disengaged, struggling readers. I work at the most wonderful secondary school on the Wirral.

‘I always start with the ‘(Un)Teenager’ for my Year 7’s first book. I thought once again how engaged ALL the boys were when reading and discussing the opening chapters … your books enable pupils to read for pleasure. For most, this is either a new or forgotten concept.’
Julie Wood, Learner Support, Woodchurch High School 

Pete says: ‘It’s wonderful and inspiring to hear how teachers like Julie Wood are using my books. They really bring my stories alive. A HUGE THANK YOU.’


'Diary of an (Un)Teenager'
"It's a brilliantly-observed comedy about becoming a teenager. It was first published over ten years ago and I think it's just as funny now as it was then – every generation of teenager thinks that their particular generation is so different, but really, some things just never change…"

'Return of the (Un)Teenager' . . .
"It is just as funny as the first book, if not moreso considering Spencer has to start to deal with the fact that, like it or not, he's been exhibiting some startling signs of teenage-itis . . ."

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