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Detective Brother, by Pete Johnson

A brand new rollicking adventure. This time Harry, Jamie and Reema go to the seaside. But soon they find themselves rescuing a seagull they find covered in oil and right in the middle of an exciting mystery. So the fourth book about Jamie’s magic cape has mystery, comedy, animals – and, of course, lots of magic.

"Another hilarious adventure, just right for those who are enjoying reading their first books on their own – but fun to read aloud too."
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Catnip Publishing | ISBN: 1846471176 | 112-page paperback

An exclusive extract from 'Detective Brother'

In this extract Jamie uses his magic cape to get back at his brother who is showing off as usual. But things don’t turn out quite as he expected . . .

It was so typical of Harry to show off at my expense. It made my blood boil. In fact, I was so mad I totally forgot my promise not to ask the cape for anything else today. Instead, I seized hol d of it in my pocket and as it was still a bit wet I whispered, ‘Number Seven, please turn my brother into the ugliest, most horrible dinosaur in the whole world.’

As soon as I’d said it I wished I hadn’t. I mean, how was I going to explain a dinosaur suddenly rampaging around the hotel?

But Harry didn’t turn into a dinosaur. Instead, he just vanished. Reema looked questioningly at me. And Nick cried. ‘Where did he go?’ But then he grinned. ‘Oh, there he is, but look at him!’

Harry still looked like himself, only now he was snorting about on the carpet on his hands and knees.

And Aunt Nora rushed over. ‘Harry, whatever are you doing? Get up at once.’

Harry just gave another grunt, which sounded just like a very loud burp. Then still, on his hands and knees he went lolloping around the reception.

I stifled a giggle. I guessed the cape didn’t have enough magic to change Harry into a dinosaur – so instead it got him to act like one.        

A small crowd had gathered. Harry shuffled over to them, letting out deep cries and squeals. Everyone thought he was just messing about, and started laughing. Especially one man who had the strangest teeth I’d ever seen – they were very large and very black. He put back his head and roared with delight. Everyone was smiling except Aunt Nora, who was looking more and more flustered.

‘That’s enough, Jamie,’ Reema whispered to me. ‘Turn Harry back now.’

So I asked the cape to return Harry to his normal, totally annoying self again. And a few seconds later Harry scrambled to his feet and then blinked around him in astonishment. ‘What’s going on?’

Aunt Nora shook her head. ‘Just look at you, all covered in dirt. And the little display you put on just now wasn’t very funny, you know.’

‘But what did I do?’ asked Harry, looking so bewildered everyone started laughing again.

‘Oh,’ I said, ‘you only raced around on the carpet on your hands and knees making mad stupid noises. Just a normal day’s activities for you really.’                                                

Lots more fun and mystery ahead – especially when there’s a midnight burglary at the hotel and Jamie is the No 1 suspect. It’s up to Harry to turn Detective Brother with the vital help of the magic cape, of course. But then things take an incredible turn . . .