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Bug Brother
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Bug Brother, by Pete Johnson

Jamie is smaller than his younger brother Harry and he's fed up with everyone thinking he's the youngest. Then Jamie finds a magic cloak and accidentally turns Harry into a bluebottle. In the mad panic of trying to rescue him, Jamie discovers that being a big brother has nothing to do ith size.

Catnip Publishing | 96-page paperback
ISBN-10: 1846470870
ISBN-13: 978-1846470875

"As well as being an entertaining book to read aloud, this book would prove to be a popular choice for a class or school library . . . During Literacy Hour, the story provides a structure and a theme, which children could use for a model in their own writing - eg, writing the next adventure for Jamie and the magic cape."
English Four to Eleven Magazine

An exclusive extract from 'Bug Brother'

Jamie has found an amazing cape hanging off a tree in the wood. He pretends he can put spells on people never expecting one of his spells to come true. But it does, when his younger brother, Harry is being especially annoying . . .

         I heard a voice behind me. ‘What are you doing?’

         I didn’t even bother to turn round. ‘Mind your own business, Harry.’ I put the cape around my shoulders. ‘And leave my things alone.’

         Harry came closer, towering over me. ‘Sorry Jamie,’ he said. He put one hand on my shoulder. ‘I didn’t mean …’

         I shook his hand away. He was really bugging me today. I was sick of him buzzing around me all the time.

         He was like one of those really noisy flies. You know, bluebottles. They won’t leave you alone, especially if you’ve got food and they keep flying into you.

         I hissed. ‘Magic cape, please turn Harry, the most annoying person I know, into the most annoying bug I know; a bluebottle.’

         Harry heard me, looked hurt and without another word left. Well, serve him right.

         Suddenly Harry called out my name from the landing. He sounded as though he was standing on a chair or something, because his voice came from really high up. Another of his pathetic tricks.

         I ignored him.

         Then suddenly I heard this loud, buzzing noise, the sound a bee makes or a … I whirled round.

         A bluebottle came flying towards me.


If you’d like to read more stories about Jamie and his amazing cape, read ‘PIRATE BROTHER.’ And look out this Autumn for ‘INVISIBLE BROTHER,’ a brand new adventure for Jamie and his amazing cape – not to mention Harry, ‘the most annoying brother in the whole world.’