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Avenger, by Pete Johnson

Gareth has never been the most popular boy at school, but he's always done all right. Things seem to look up when he befriends Jake, the new boy who's full of exciting tales about film premieres and life in London - but when Gareth is caught doing an impression of Jake's faux-cockney accent, things turn very bad. Jake is furious and determined to have his revenge on Gareth, He wants Gareth out of the school and turns all the other kids against him. Gareth has to draw on the memory of his beloved Grandad - and on Grandad's wrestler alter-ego Avenger in order to fight back against Jake. But is Jake really the opponent he seems to be?

Corgi Yearling Books | 169-page paperback
ISBN-10: 0440864585
ISBN-13: 978-0440864585

Winner of the West Sussex Children's Book Award.
Winner of the Best Shorter Novel of the Year, Sheffield Children's Book Awards.

"This is an exciting, gripping story" 
Primary Times

"[Gareth] is a most convincing character, his struggles plain to see. Ignore the misleading jacket image - this is a much more subtle thriller than it suggests."
The Guardian

"Johnson avoids a trite revelatory resolution - damage has been done and forgiveness doesn't come easily. We're left knowing that the boys won't ever be the same again and they'll be better human beings for it."
Scottish Sunday Herald

"A master storyteller."
The Bookseller

"This is a powerful tool for considering the causes of inadequacy and bullying, and how bullies and their victims can both face and conquer them."

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